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"Every individual without exception bears a potential writer within himself. The reason is that everyone has trouble accepting the fact that he will disappear unheard of and unnoticed in an indifferent universe, and everyone wants to make himself into a universe of words before it's too late. 

Once the writer in every individual comes to life (and that time is not that far off), we are in for an age of universal deafness and lack of understanding."

- Milan Kundera, The Book of Laughter and Forgetting

Monday, March 16, 2009

NJ Rendezvous

The bike action is happening again, in full force; I shall be fit or else.

I went out for my first legit ride of the year on Saturday, a 40 miler from Columbus Circle, which came out to about 60 miles of riding including the trips to and from Columbus Circle and the additional trip from home to the 59 St Apple Store and back. My right thigh gave out from a cramp while going home over the 59 St bridge the first time and for the first time I felt truly exhausted, but within an hour my legs seemed to have rebounded, as I felt more or less totally fine. It was overall a tremendously satisfying feeling of exhaustion.

I tried to go out again for a ride today but noticed that my rear wheel apparently has a flat. I attempted to change the tube but instead spent hours determining that I literally could not. I somehow got the tire off the wheel and patched the leak, but then popped the tube as I struggled to get the tire bead back in place, and then from there was completely unable to get the tire off again. So tough did it become that I broke three tire levels in the process, leading even extreme do-it-yourselfer Mark Jaffe to proclaim the tire unchangeable. And so instead I proceeded to watch SEVEN STRAIGHT HOURS of NBA basketball, of which I enjoyed nearly every minute.

Now I have to try and get the bike to a shop tomorrow, somehow, but it's considerably more difficult to do so during the week when I struggle to get home at reasonable hours. Any non-standard hour jobbed friends want to help a brother out?

My training ride cue card

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Anonymous said...

Lemme see your whip (that's not code, btw). Pic?

Nihilist Loves Hate, Hates Everything said...

UPDATE: I was pleased to witness my local bike shop dude snap one of his own tire levels while attempting to change the tube... looked at me like I was crazy but then he was learned.

Also on that note for Williamsburgers: Affinity Cycles on Grand St. is the place to go should you need any fixins on yr cycle machine or otherwise.

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